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Solarwinds Network Map Not Loading Gives an Error


We have an ongoing issue with Solarwinds which is that Network Map stopped loading
from few days ago. This was working just fine and now It’s trying to load the
map for few seconds and gives and error as attached screenshot. We haven’t done
any upgrades or hotfixes. Tried restarting server as well as services but
didn’t do any good.

see attached screenshots for error we are getting and Version information.

Please help us out to sort out this issue.

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Level 10

RD to the Orion server, Check and see if ATLAS is hung up.

I've had instances where a user was editing a map and had the process hang, making other maps unavailable.

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Level 9

Did you recently ran windows update on the servers related to the platform ? if you did you must make sure all servers running the same windows update "level".

In case you got only 1 server in your environment (polling +web on the same server), i would run the configuration wizard and select "website" in order to rebuild the website.

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Level 13

Are your .NET patches consistent across your environment? I just fixed a similar issue due to patches being inconsistent between various hosts.

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