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Solarwinds HA doubt

hi ,

We have SAM,NPM and NTA on one server and one additional polling engine.

We need to configure HA for above Setup.

Below are few doubts regarding this:

1)Do i need to configure my trap to send to my primary and secondary or to Virtual IP?

2)Do i need to send traps to additional polling engine as well?if yes then i need to configure me device to send alert to primay ,secounday ,Additional polling engine ?



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Re: Solarwinds HA doubt

HI Abhishek,

for your 1st point-> it would depend on whether u are creating HA using VIP or Virtual Hostname. For VIP, it would have to be directed to the source IP you use.. you can refer this post which will give you more idea about it.

for 2nd point: m not sure if about this.. primary secondary u have to but for APE u may have to wait for others to comment..