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Solarwinds APE deployment in AWS?

Dear experts

I have a requirement to setup the APE in AWS to monitor the devices located in AWS.

We have main orion servers and DB on-premise and additional APE will be deployed in AWS.

Below is a high level architecture to be used.

Question is that how the HA APE can be deployed in the AWS? If our main Orion on-premise is located in Germany, then:

1. Does it mean that we can deploy the Additional APE only in Germany AWS to sync with main Orion? or On -premise can also monitor the devices of other region (e.g. US) using the additional poller in US and Main orion in Germany.

2. For the APE deployment in AWS - As this will be in HA> do we need to deploy the HA pair in same Availability zone of AWS or it can be deployed in different availability zone and HA can be achieved?


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