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SolarWinds Orion and Monitoring Raid Controller

I am trying to add monitoring of a Dell Raid card based on OID data to a Node page. Using the Universial Device Poller I have added a defined poller but I am not having any luck returning results on the actual node monitoring page.

Dell Raid Controller

OID being used

Any thoughts


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Dunno if these are any help:

arrayDiskNumber -

Instance number of this array disk entry.

arrayDiskSmartAlertIndication -

Indicated whether the disk has received a predictive failure.

Possible values:

1: No - disk has not received a predictive failure alert

2: Yes - disk has received a predictive failure alert

arrayDiskState -

The current condition of the array disk.

Possible states:

0: Unknown

1: Ready - Available for use , but no RAID configuration has been assigned.

2: Failed - Not operational.

3: Online - Operational. RAID configuration has been assigned.

4: Offline - The drive is not available to the RAID controller.

6: Degraded - Refers to a fault-tolerant array/virtual disk that has a failed disk.

7: Recovering - Refers to state of recovering from bad blocks on disks.

11: Removed - Indicates that array disk has been removed.

15: Resynching - Indicates one of the following types of disk operations: Transform Type , Reconfiguration , and Check Consistency.

24: Rebuild

25: No Media - CD-ROM or removable disk has no media.

26: Formatting - In the process of formatting.

28: Diagnostics - Diagnostics are running.

34: Predictive failure

35: Initializing: Applies only to virtual disks on PERC , PERC 2/SC , and PERC 2/DC controllers.

39: Foreign

40: Clear

arrayDiskVendor -

The array disk's manufacturer's name.

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Is Dell OpenManage Server Administrator installed on the server?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor can monitor the full health of your physical servers hardware natively, without the need to create and configure Universal Device Pollers, alerts, etc. It's just a simple checkbox to enable and you're done.

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@$3000 minimum licence.