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SolarWinds Active Diagnostics

The new Active Diagnostics is a great tool to quickly identify some problems and it has also helped me understand and resolve issues when the regular SolarWinds Diagnostics routine fails to complete.

However, some of the returned messages are rather confusing and I wonder if a dictionary of its messages with meanings and recommendations has been created and could be published.
Regards, Robert

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Thanks Jan, Actually I suppose that because on each AWS installed on same version I couldn't find that feature.

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Wher can I find the Active Diagnostics Installer on Solarwinds Orion Server?

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If you have NPM 12.0 you will find it here C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\ActiveDiagnostics or run the regular diagnostics and there will be a link at the bottom.

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thanks neomatrix1217​ but on NPM 11.0.1 dont exist that folder

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RDP to the NPM v11 Primary Polling Engine, 
Do a Start > SolarWinds Orion > Documentation and Support > Orion Diagnostics

At the bottom of the on the SolarWinds Diagnostics page select SolarWinds Active Diagnostics

and then select whether you want all tests to run or just a single test -  best to run all of them

Thanks robertcbrowning​ but I already try to execute active Diagnostics on my Addittional Web Server (SW AWS), but when I push Run Diagnostics Button notice me with a message that "the prograr was not found on registry" or something like that. This message appears only on SW AWS.


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Actually per screenshot you have some of the earlier versions. I believe the AD hasn't been installed there on the AWS and APEs as in those Active diagnostics early versions there wasn't yet implemented the mechanism to differ the AD tasks for different server types. Surely you can grab the ActiveDiagnostics installer from the c:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers\ and install on AWS, but I'm affraid, that some of the tasks won't be valid for the AWS/APE servers, so may give false alarms.

I suspect that the error message is telling the truth and that the registry has a problem. You could raise a ticket on the Customer Portal for help, but I suspect they may ask you to re-build your AWS.

You could try doing a Configuration Wizard on this AWS. which will run through all the files, reg entries and permissions required or

You may want to just stand up a new Windows server, download the correct pieces of AWS software from your Customer Portal, but not license any of it. You'll get 30-days to do the licencing. You could then run the two AWS servers side by side for a while and prove that the Active Diagnostics function works properly. When you are happy, you can use the Licence Manager on the original AWS to unload the licences & then use the Licence Manager on the new AWS to re-instate the licences.  Finally, you can decommission the original AWS.

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This is a good idea.  Initially the idea was that each test would have a corresponding KB article to go along with it, but this hasn't held true for each message that Active Diagnostics produces.  We are looking at creating something to help you here and we'll update this thread with some more information.



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Was there any resolution with this idea?  We have found several errors ourselves in regards to what Mr. Browning stated.  A help lookup or guide for this to alleviate any possible issues with Solarwinds is a plus in my book!

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Sorry for the delayed response.  We made some changes in the release that should be in your portal soon if not already.

I'll have kasaff  look at making this happen.  Active Diagnostics will keep getting better each release to help you out.


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