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So where are triggered triggers stored anyway?

How would I find out what triggers had been triggered?  This has to be stored somewhere along with the object that triggered it.  How would I access this information?

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Hi cmoore,

what exactly do you mean by triggered triggers? Do you want to know what alerts were triggered? If so then I would look to DB for AlertStatus table or just open Advanced Alert Manager and click on Active Alerts icon. If not then can you provide more information about what triggered triggers mean?



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For example:  I have a server, call it AAA.  AAA has just died.  This activates a trigger for the node being down.  I'll call the trigger BBBnodeDown.  This in turn creates an alert for AAA.  I've been told that the alert generated by this trigger will stick around until the trigger has been reset for AAA.  So where in the database is the information that the trigger BBB has been activated/fired/used/triggered for AAA?

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All Active Alerts are stored in the AlertStatus Table. Once the Alert has been reset, the Alert is removed from this table.

In order to see when the Alert was Triggered and Reset, you will first need to make sure that you add the Alert Action "Log Alert to the NetPerfMon Event Log" and include any Variable information that you want to display with the Alert. The logging of the Alert then goes into the Events Table that you can see the information under the Message Central or Events Pages that you can then filter based on the Node or TimeStamp. This will then also make it available for easier Reporting. You can then set the Retention Period (default 30 days) for the Events under Settings> Polling Settings area.

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Thank you.

Is "Log Alert to the NetPerfMon Event Log" the same as writing the record to the events table? Your wording below almost makes it sound like two different things?

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yes it's the same thing.

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AlertDefId = BBBB

ActiveObject = AAA

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