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Level 7

Since upgrading to 2020 our solarwinds is repeating events and not triggering down events.

Ever since upgrading last week from 2019 to 2020 when we have a node go down it will send the event "x has stopped responding (request timed out)" every 3 minutes forever until the node comes back up. also the "Node is down" event often does not trigger.  Right now i'm looking at a node that is hard down but its in warning and has been for 30 minutes instead of on 2019 where it would have shown as down within a minute.  

2 issues:

When a node is down i don't want it to populate the event log with "Request timed out" every 3 minutes.  

and why isn't the "node is down" event triggering when the node is down?  


Thank you very much for your help!

EDIT: i've attached a photo which i think outlines the issue better.   See how long it took to send Node is down and how many time outs it got before that?  

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Level 13

Can you post screenshots of your node down alert configs?

What is your Node Warning Level set at in /Orion/Admin/PollingSettings.aspx?

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Node warning level is set to 120 seconds. 


And here's the screenshots you asked for. its just the default "Node is Down".  Also i added a swql query image where you can see the eventtype 1 triggering multiple times on the same node and the time stamps. i removed the message so hide our node names is all. 


Thanks for taking look at this. its been driving me a bit crazy for a week.  also i can look down on that query to how it behaved before the 2020 update and its normal.

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Do you have "Enhanced Node Status" turned on? Maybe that's causing some issues

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No, that setting is set to standard.  here's a shot of the all my polling just in case it helps.

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I've seen this when the next poll time is set to a date in the past. can you look at the Nodes table in the DB for a node experiencing this and see what its next poll time is? 

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I checked several of them and their next poll times currently are all in the future.


I'll check this if i see the issue again. 2 days ago i changed node warning level from 120 seconds to 90 seconds and i haven't seen this issue happen again yet.  I have no idea if that fixed the issue or it was something else but so far so good.  

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