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Level 13

Show us a NOC view and (don't ) get 500 thwack points (we still want to see, points no longer awarded)

The User Experience group wants to see how you've customized your Orion to create your own NOC view, or NOC views you like and are using from other products.  What do you like about your NOC view? What challenges, frustrations or issues do you have with it?--Show us your NOC view either here OR email it directly to me at and share your NOC view stories by August 10 and we'll award you 500 thwack points for sharing.

UPDATE: we're no longer awarding points for this, but it's become a really popular post.  Please continue to share how you create NOC views, pictures of them, etc with each other as there has been clear value to users in seeing what other users do, but UX can no longer award points for this.

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Level 9

I wont post any sensitive info about our network but we added a weather map and a bunch of other statistics in ours.


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Level 8

Here's our NOC view:


Great NOC view! Can you share how you added the time zone clocks and the weather widget?

time zone is from: Free Clocks for Your Website  Just make sure you do SSL at the last step to make it work.

(if need I can post the script for it)

For the Weather Map I used: img id="map" src="" alt="" style="visibility: visible;" usemap="#nowradMap"   just add the <> at the start and end.

I hoe this help you out 🙂

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Yes,Please could you share the script for time zone.



<table style="width:100%"










   <td><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="110" height="110"></iframe></td

   <td><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="110" height="110"></iframe></td

   <td><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="110" height="110"></iframe></td


   <td><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="110" height="110"></iframe></td

   <td><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="110" height="110"></iframe></td





Please be sure to add the ">" to the end of each tags for it to work.   I hope this helps 🙂


Do you know any similar page for Network (AT&T,Verizon etc) or Power outage like your weather one? I know the following website but i did not find any animation page for live feed.


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     for weather I use Weather Forecast & Reports - Long Range & Local | Weather Underground, and for power outages I use FirstEnergy Storm Center PA that covers all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, NJ, WV and Maryland.   Your power company should have something similar to help, if anything reach out to them and ask to see what they use.  For Network I use Downdector, I have not really found anything live stream yet.  I'm sure in the gov. sector they have something but for public sector its hard.  I hope this helps you out, If I can help anymore let me know.


Thank you Kevin!

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Level 12

Just emailed you my view directly.

It would be nice if there were SolarWinds classes offered to show the various options available for NOC wall views. I've already expressed an interest in a map building class.

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The Top 10s Stats is a very good NIC view.

Simple and a great starting point to home in on different areas of the network.

One of the problems is that the switching between multiple tabs are too slow, one tab per second should be useful for me.

Another problem and its because I did not look it up yet but for the Top XX I can't see how to change the XX value:


I think you can only change the xx value on ones where they say 'top xx' when you pick them.

By clicking edit

The ones that say top 10 are just that.

Level 8

I sent the email directly.  The NOC view is a nice visual that I can keep on a large screen that keeps a constant visual look on the environment.

Level 7

Sent mine to you in an email.

Level 10

Here's what I would like to see:


I found this on the web, not sure who created it, but I do know that I like it a lot and would love to see this view in my office.

nice one... this is how I would like it to see:


P.S. Found it on internet... printed and posted on my vision board ... i_like_eggs will appreciate

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It must have taken a few hours to construct all the SWQL for this one

That view reminds me a bit of our Cisco USC Performance Manager. What is it from?

It looks similar to SRM but from some other company.

Is that Dynatrace ?

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