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Level 13

Show us a NOC view and (don't ) get 500 thwack points (we still want to see, points no longer awarded)

The User Experience group wants to see how you've customized your Orion to create your own NOC view, or NOC views you like and are using from other products.  What do you like about your NOC view? What challenges, frustrations or issues do you have with it?--Show us your NOC view either here OR email it directly to me at and share your NOC view stories by August 10 and we'll award you 500 thwack points for sharing.

UPDATE: we're no longer awarding points for this, but it's become a really popular post.  Please continue to share how you create NOC views, pictures of them, etc with each other as there has been clear value to users in seeing what other users do, but UX can no longer award points for this.

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meech​ hopefully your still giving points for these

Something I have been working on last couple of weeks and just wondered what people thought? Its all custom SWQL from scratch.

Please use the helpful yes/no to let me know what you think


I think its all pretty obvious what its doing but if not let me know, as will help me to make it clearer for our technicians..

dodo123​ sadly, no points any more for this.  We just got too many responses over too much time, and the original offer expired years ago.  HOWEVER, UX and PM still look here at what kind of NOC views people are creating and why, so, we strongly encourage people to keep posting!

O! I Love it! Especially left most resources. Can you give some insights into settings those up? I am particularly interested if there is any significant hacks/customization is required, especially for those big %% values. Thanks

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

Hi Alex,

Yep there a few hacks the main one there is i have added a folder into the below location on my main poller and additional front end and stored my own pictures.


I tried storing them external to this location but only ie worked with this method as firefox and chrome are more secure.

So basically i have created 300 images 1-100% in green 1-100% in yellow and 1-100% in Red. (I had thought about using 1-100 then having % as an additional image but thought theres a lot in the system that use % but i may do this yet.)

This one is basically what you see on an interface page, I tried using html to show different radial gauges from multiple interfaces on the same page which worked but just takes up to many pixels.

if anyone wants the images let me know and ill send them over, there only a few mb. But thery were created in excel then copied and saved from paint.


          SELECT FullName as Interface,
              '' as Download,
              when operstatusLED = 'up.gif' then concat('/orion/images/logos/percent/up/', InPercentUtil, '.jpg')
              when operstatusLED = 'warning.gif' then concat('/orion/images/logos/percent/warning/', InPercentUtil, '.jpg')
              when operstatusLED = 'critical.gif' then concat('/orion/images/logos/percent/critical/', InPercentUtil, '.jpg')
                      ELSE '/orion/images/statusicons/down.gif' end as _iconfor_Download,
              '' as Upload,
          when operstatusLED = 'up.gif' then concat('/orion/images/logos/percent/up/', OutPercentUtil, '.jpg')
          WHEN operstatusLED = 'warning.gif' then concat('/orion/images/logos/percent/warning/', OutPercentUtil, '.jpg')
          WHEN operstatusLED =  'critical.gif' then concat('/orion/images/logos/percent/critical/', OutPercentUtil, '.jpg')
                      ELSE '/orion/images/statusicons/down.gif' end as _iconfor_Upload,
          DetailsUrl as _linkfor_Recvutiliz
          FROM Orion.NPM.Interfaces
          where interfaceid in ('2964','20083','7684','13559')
          order by fullname

Can you sendme the images that you have created ?

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very cool setup, thanks for sharing I love it!

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

I hadn't thought of tracking Firewall High Availability the way you've done it, but it makes perfect sense for our Cisco ASA's.  I might just take a note from your book and look into doing that for our HA solutions, of which there are a dozen, these days.

I was trying to monitor vpn tunnels with a universal device poller with no luck yet as i can't find the oid for it.

But came across the ha status, 2 were available 1 was in standby but the other was down and no one knew about it.

so added to the wall, brownie points to me!

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That's the beauty of:

  1. HA solutions--they keep things up
  2. Poking around in Thwack and NPM, seeing what others have done, and what's available
  3. Having the time to learn these things, discover what's off line, how to better monitor them, and how to fix things so they're working better for the next day

And this is a perfect example of insufficient training provided by employers

    • Someone didn't know how to set up HA standby monitoring
    • The monitoring wasn't set up from the day the HA pair went into product
    • A resilient solution ready to cause an outage with a single failure of the active device--while the standby was already down
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Level 8

NOC view.png

NOC_2.pngNOC view1.png

Level 8


Level 8


Level 11

We use NOC views everyday and can't live without it. We have two people on our network team and I setup a NOC view for us and we have a monitor at each desk that is sharing the screen to using a black box and VGA splitter. We are at 8 different tabs showing us some network information, maps, 3g/4g info from our sites and gauges for our generator. Here are a few of the screenshots. Changed the cycle to 20 seconds to give the maps time to load. This is a great feature and set it up as soon as it became available and have added more and more ever since.





EBeachhow did you get watchdog monitoring in the noc?

"Smoke Detector"?

Is that literally to sense smoke from overheat or a fire?  Of does that mean something else to your team?

I enjoyed seeing it!

"I don't need monitoring" is an often heard answer to the offer/statement that monitoring is coming.

"Anything in particular you would like monitoring?" is usually followed by the answer,"er..." and a mindblank.

To assist we often create a quick NOC screen, showing users some basic info, grouped together to assist in understanding with what they have where or how it might be working, this tends to work, giving the user/group the realisation that their life is becoming easier and spurs further ideas. It's nothing special but makes them realise where they can focus their attention and how their day is looking.

We always make a point of stating, "this is not set in stone, have a play, see how you can drill through, come back to us again when you want to revise the layout, this has to meet your needs and as your needs change we can change this or do more"

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 12.59.38 PM.PNG

Then I go for a tea.

Level 8

Emailed Directly. 

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Level 9

Have emailed you directly.


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Here is one of several we use in our NOC.

Level 13


My very clean view.

I hate lots of things (you should see my youtube and my desktop) everything is situated around either the menu, reports, or through groups.  I don't enjoy lots of things cluttering up my desktop.  I like to be able to shrink it down into nothing and expands it when I want to with how I want to.

Ye, being minimalist is great - I am also very much minimalist and I like to see things that have issues, rather then loads of green blobs all around.

One question - why is your top 10 empty?

By the way, I am just designing my prototype dashboard now - here is a quick preview - as you can see - no issues in our infrastructure - all good! I am off for a coffee then...


With Gratitude,
Alex Soul