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Level 13

Show us a NOC view and (don't ) get 500 thwack points (we still want to see, points no longer awarded)

The User Experience group wants to see how you've customized your Orion to create your own NOC view, or NOC views you like and are using from other products.  What do you like about your NOC view? What challenges, frustrations or issues do you have with it?--Show us your NOC view either here OR email it directly to me at and share your NOC view stories by August 10 and we'll award you 500 thwack points for sharing.

UPDATE: we're no longer awarding points for this, but it's become a really popular post.  Please continue to share how you create NOC views, pictures of them, etc with each other as there has been clear value to users in seeing what other users do, but UX can no longer award points for this.

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Very nice NOC view

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Sorry for the silly question, but how have you got the black background ?

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've only just now seen your question--

In the Network Atlas program, look for the section where you can add a background image. In that same section, you can also select a background color. Note that if you select a dark color (such as black) you will also have to go in and edit the color of the various captions and text as they also default to black.


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Level 10

Here's one of ours

8-7-2013 2-29-12 PM.jpg

I like the line utilization on the map. Will you share with us how you did this? I would like to do something similar.

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>> I like the line utilization on the map. Will you share with us how you did this? I would like to do something similar.

Sure I will !

Sorry for the delay, I haven't logged-on in a bit.

Here's how you do it. Go into Network Atlas (obviously) and select a connection line. Then give it a caption something like this (note the use of the variables in the caption text):

4.5 Mbps

I ${InBps}(${InPercentUtil})

O ${OutBps}(${OutPercentUtil})

Note that the line speed is hard-coded text. There may be a variable for that somewhere,  I don't know, but it didn't matter to me for my purpose.

Tip: If you need the original caption to be whatever it is, you can always add a secondary caption and do the same thing. I do this all the time on various objects, especially server / device objects.

Hope that helps!


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I saw this and really liked the tie in with the links, but I'm having some trouble with the link display. I've copied the data in as shown, but it appears the % utilization defaults to the port speed. Since we are doing something similar (10MB MPLS on most sites) the utilization isn't correct. Any pointers on how to bring this in line with the actual speed of the link vs. the ports themselves?


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Ah, yes. You also have to go in and manually set the subscribed speed in the link attributes. Go to the page associated with the interface port you're interested in and click on "Edit Interface". Then on the edit page, enter in the subscribed bandwidth in the "Transmit Bandwidth" and/or "Receive Bandwidth" boxes and accept the changes. After that the percentage utilization numbers should be correct.

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Level 10

Our NOC view.  It still a work in progress.


Level 10

Here are 3 tabs from one of our NOC views that concern themselves with the routers.

NOC View1.jpgNOC View (Router Health).jpgNOC View (Directly Connected Interfaces).jpg

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Level 12

Technically its two, 1000 points? 


What knockers!

you GUYS!!!

Level 11

I'm not sure, I'm allowed to share the pictures but for now my view is also fairly simply and generated by our administrator:

Nodes with Problems

Nodes with High Response Time

Volumes with High Percent Usage

The first two give a good idea on which parts of the world has problems (we have factories and offices in 29 countries all over the world). The last one is not very interesting, as I'm not in charge of any servers.

It's great seeing some of the other screen shots. Definitely some great ideas to add to my dashboard, when I come around to customizing it to my specific tasks.

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Level 13

Our NOC view is mainly a Network WAN view.  It relies heavily on Gob's custom resources, How long a node/interface down, and his filtered events resource.  The Sactun view is all the nodes along a traceroute to this site.  It is an unstable IPSec VPN site, and has just one path to Mexico.  This lets us monitor where we have packet loss.  We also watch the number of sessions on Riverbeds since its licensed by concurrent session.  Rest are various node issues.Screenshot from 2013-07-31 10:50:53.pngScreenshot from 2013-07-31 10:51:31.png

This looks really well done...

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Level 21

Kellie, I have sent you some of our dashboards and some information about them; hope it helps!

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Level 13

Hey all, feel free to share stories of what you want, views from other products (scrubbed of course and/or emailed to me directly only), and perfect world descriptions. Keep 'em coming!

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Level 13

Here's our NOC view:

Orion NOC view.png

How did you get the Clocks to show

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How did you add the clock?

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