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Show us a NOC view and (don't ) get 500 thwack points (we still want to see, points no longer awarded)

The User Experience group wants to see how you've customized your Orion to create your own NOC view, or NOC views you like and are using from other products.  What do you like about your NOC view? What challenges, frustrations or issues do you have with it?--Show us your NOC view either here OR email it directly to me at and share your NOC view stories by August 10 and we'll award you 500 thwack points for sharing.

UPDATE: we're no longer awarding points for this, but it's become a really popular post.  Please continue to share how you create NOC views, pictures of them, etc with each other as there has been clear value to users in seeing what other users do, but UX can no longer award points for this.

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We have made use of SQL filters to only display alarming monitors that require attention in most cases. My rule is if its red its dead, this makes it very easy for the NOC to determine if they need to take action. Still waiting for SW to implement a basic document management system for Orion so we can also include our SOPs (aka support docs) into the monitors. Today we link to the SharePoint site where they reside in custom properties using an HTLM button so our team just clicks the button on the alarming monitor to get the correct SOP they should follow. The map we use can also be swapped out with any Orion elements, we have a similar view for apps and WPM.

NOC Dash.jpg

I've done models similar to that in the past as well where each alert ties back to specific playbook.  The tighter you can integrate your monitoring with all the related tools the ops teams uses the better.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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These are just 2 pages that I've spent the last few days working on. Shows the individual components of the blades status along with the overall status of the ESXI instance installed on them.

Cisco Hyperflex.pngHP Blades.png

Nice work

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I love this thread. Here's a dashboard with a lot of fun new tools:


nickzourdos​ How'd you embed the perfstack into the noc view?  I tried and the only thing I could find was custom html resource.  That did not present the data the same way as shown in your screencap.

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Save the perfstack, then search for whatever name you gave it in the resources list and it will have been added

- Marc Netterfield, Github

If you're running Orion Platform 2018.2, then simply create your PerfStack, save it and give it a name. Then go to your dashboard and add it to a view by searching for the name you gave your saved PerfStack project.

Detailed instructions are available here >

I would like to have the default sorting method to be by active time in the all alerts widget, but everytime i refresh the page it defaults back to arrange by severity

is there a way to keep the sorting method by active time by default?

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Here's the thread with that resource!

Node Downtime with Duration and Minimum Length Filtering

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Thanks, but not quite what i was looking for.  I am trying to have the below widget default to sorting by active time ( it currently is sorting by severity by default whenever i refresh the page )


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what's your npm version? how did you include the perfstack from the dashboard? thanks!

This is a shiny new feature in the NPM 12.3 Release Candidate. It's (hopefully) coming soon to a GA release near you!

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I like the map, it's an interesting way to display a ton of locations.

It took a while to get everything arranged that way, but it was so worth it.

Is the bottom portion of column 2 part of the new release candidate?  If not, how did you do that

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It's a creation from mesverrum​, I'm working on getting him to post it on Thwack. I don't want to take the credit!

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meech​ here is a pic of our wallboard that I was telling you about in our UX meeting.


There is another single one to my right so 11 x 49" tvs. The four on the left are one screen mostly Solarwinds self-SWQL pages used, with some AppDynamics

oh and I have three 24" monitors at my desk...monitoring anyone?

I want the big wall displays up in our Network area, and a duplicate in the Help Desk building, and another one where the System Admins sit, and a fourth showing DPA and SAM and WPM where the DBA's and Apps analysts sit.

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