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Should we worry about the columns in tables while providing support for Stats over SNMP


To support UnDP it is clear that support must be provided over SNMP. As part of one request we are required to provided support for Stats over SNMP. The data will be eventually populated in the tables Wireless.Controllers, Wireless.AccessPoints, Wireless.Rogues, Wireless.Clients.

I have looked at the Metadata and Table details of these tables.

From Solarwinds NPM perspective should we populate only the OIDs such that the data matches the above tables?

In other words when we define UnDP and the poller queries the network element then the SNMP table returned as response must contain data matching the tables?

How does Solarwinds handle additional data in the response from NE?

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Product Manager
Product Manager


The UNDP allows you to poll custom OID but does not allow you to specify which tables in which to store the polled data. The vendor of teh NE will determine the format of the data returned by each OID.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Have you done an SNMP walk on the device to show what information it is capable of providing?

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We are taking our first steps here to integrate our wireless network elements with Solarwinds NPM. With the amount of time available with us we are required to tailor our data to fill the tables i mentioned in my first message. We can adjust our solution such that we return only the data required for those tables. But we are not sure if that will suffice.

In our Earlier request "Request for collaboration to Integrate Stats from Nokia Wireless with NPM", we were suggested to define custom SNMP poller.

Before we raised the above request for collaboration, based on our discussions with our customer, We created csv files from stats to match the columns in the required tables. But we are not sure how Solarwinds NPM will integrate them and help the customer to generate reports. The missing step is to populate respective tables in NPM. If UnDP only polls then what are the additional actions to be done.

REST API does not allow populating the tables directly.

We could not find the list of actions to be done to integrate Wireless NEs with Solarwinds NPM.

In the youtube videos while integrating Miraki Wireless it is mentioned that support over API has been made generic. But it does not delve into details as to how another vendor can achieve the same.

Without the list of actions, we are blocked from achieving the goal of integrating Stats with NPM.

Appreciate if you can share some specifics. If possible we can discuss this over a meeting.

Thanks and Regards


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Did you end up speaking with cobrien about this?   He is the product manager for NPM and would possibly be able to put all the pieces together for you to work on this with solar winds instead of having to guess and try to reverse engineer the whole thing.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Thank you for the support. cobrien is on vacation this week. I will wait till next week for him to return and discuss the same.

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