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Setting default view to a NOC view not working

I have a user defined that we use on various TVs etc with a browser default homepage that logs in automatically.

Then I created a simple menu with a defined NOC view

In the user I set all the menu defaults and the Home Page view and Default summary view to my NOC View

My problem is when the browser auto logs in as my user - it displays the correct NOC view - but with NOC view disabled

I can click on the "Home" tab and it correctly loads in NOC mode.

Not sure if this is something I'm doing wrong or not....

This is with Orion Platform 2014.1.0, SAM 6.1.0 RC2, NPM 10.7 RC3


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Just did this on Windows 10 server. Thought somebody might like this.

Follow these steps:

1) Create a shortcut to this URL and leave it on the desktop for now:

2) Type "shell:startup" in the Run menu. A folder should appear.

3) Drag your shortcut of Internet Explorer into this folder. Now, whenever Windows boots, whatever is inside the Startup folder should launch.

Obviously, you'll have to change the following in the url:





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I'm curious if this is still a thing?  Seems like there should be a checkbox or something that makes the NOC view the default for a user that has been assigned that view.  Feature request?

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Just stumbled across this thread and am very pleased with the solution posted to use a custom html resource to redirect, works a charm. Just worth noting to get it right first time as editing the resource is not easy once configured.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Have you tried updating your link/home page/bookmark/etc. to the direct URL of the NOC view you are wanting to see when the browser is launched?

wow its amazing what you can find digging around on this site

Its working now, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Final url is :-


Hooray for NOCView - it works really well

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I was trying to do the same thing today. I wanted my Service Desk to login and automatically have NOC View enabled, without them having to find links and click on stuff to activate it.

In the end I created a new Summary View (called "Redirect to Service Desk NOC View") and added a "Custom HTML" resource. In this resource I added the following code:


function redirect(sleep, url) {




  }, sleep);


redirect(3000, '/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?isnocview=true&ViewID=155&netobject=');


Like so:


Then for the user's Home Page View I selected "Redirect to Service Desk NOC View". When the user logs in they get redirected to the NOC View automatically after 3 seconds without having to click anything (I also remove any menu bars so they have no options).

I went for this option as I didn't like passing usernames and passwords in the URL.

Hope this helps someone!

How did you find this?  I used it per your post.  Worked like a charm.  THANKS!

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I like that solution - we just updated our NOC TV to use a Raspberry Pi to make it even more compact.

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the url I'm currently using is http://servername/orion/Login.aspx?accountid=user&password=password

I'm not sure how to combine that user login and the view with http://servername/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=97&isnocview=true

the chew toy for the dog of life
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