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Level 9

Setting custom volume monitor

Where do I set a custom or user defined threshold for disk usage in the web console? I know I can set the disk usage threshold for all volumes on the Orion General Thresholds page but where can I set this for individual volumes or groups of volumes or is this possible?


SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0 SP1,

 APM 4.0.2 SP3,

NPM 10.1.2 SP1,

IVIM 1.1.1

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Level 13

What you want requires the use of custom properties.

1:  Create a custom property for volumes.  Call it something such as WarningThreshold.

2:  Create an alert that compares the measured usage value to the value in the WarningThreshold custom property field.
I would also add a condition to the alert that first checks WarningThreshold to verify it is non-blank.

3:  Go to a volume you want to have custom values for and populate the value into the WarningThreshold field.

4:  (Optional) Disable any alerts that reference the generic/global threshold values.

That's it.

Search the forums and you should find a few more examples of how to do this.
However, there is no means at this time to use this to change the color of any icons in the web interface.

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Level 13

General Thresholds are generic and we cant have threshold set for the disk usage individually.However what can be done here is Alerts.You can access the Advance Alert Manager and create the threshold condition for individual volumes to get an alert sent out.

To know more on working with Advance Alert Manger,click the link mentioned below.

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