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Services don't start after reboot

For several months now, whenever I restart our primary polling engine/web server, there are three services that take up to 40 minutes to start successfully (Collector, Info Service and Info Service V3). All other services start successfully immediately after reboot. I am not able to start them manually. I have gotten nowhere with support on this issue. Their only response was to add more resources (currently have 20 GB RAM and 8 CPU's). Our development system, which is not managing nearly as many objects, restarts normally, with no issues. I do not see any errors in the application log specific to the three problem services. However, I do consistently see errors for SolarWinds.Alerting.Service.exe and Solarwinds.BusinessLayerHost.exe.  I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue. If not, any suggestions as to why these three services may be having this issue?

NPM 12.2, Platform 2017.3.5 SP5

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what errors are you seeing in the alert and business layer logs ?

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