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Level 12

ServiceNow Unassigned tickets

I've recently turned on the integration and have found an issue where a ticket which is assigned to a staff member and where the ticket state was "assigned" was changed to "unassigned". I can't figure out how to affect this behavior. Just because the alert is still active is no reason to change the state unless the state was set to resolved. In this case it was not.


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Level 16

did u verify all the input settings u configured as part of the integration?

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okay.. can u share some screenshots if possible.. and this integration is OOB one right?

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Yes, it is OOB


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This looks fine..

As per ur earlier screenshot, it shows that the update happened at same time about alert being active and it got un-assigned...

2 questions:

-->Did the alert re-occur?

--> You might also have to check if there is any rule written on SNOW end which might be colliding with this.....just a guess...

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No, the issue still persist and no corrective actions have been taken.

I am checking with my Snow Developer/Admin

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