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Server Discovery


I need assistance discovering 10 servers that were installed last year. Some of the servers have multiple IP addresses. I see the IP addresses in IPAM, status = used. Trying to figure out how to associate the IP's with the associated server, and discover them in NPM.  Any suggestions?

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Are you not able to put in all the server IP addresses into a Network Discovery and find them?  


Are there any Windows Firewall or HIPs running on these servers?  


Discovery Method:  ICMP, WMI, SNMP, or Agent?

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I put 3 IP addresses associated with one server into Network Discovery, and they test successfully. However, I am still unable to assoicate that specific server with those 3 ip adddresses.

There is no firewall running on the servers, not sure as to whether or not HIPs are running on them.

As far as the discovery method I was thinking ICMP.

@dbradley1 Well, we definitely need a path to the server(s) ip addresses.  


If you can ping the server from your Orion Server then you should be able to discovery via ICMP.  


If not, you may need to look on the server for hips products that is denying the request. 

If not, you may need to get with your Network folks to see if the Control Plane configuration is blocking you from the Orion Server.  

Then there are always firewalls, but I am sure you cleared that only already.  

@CourtesyIT  I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong, based upon the information provided.  Thanks for the tech assist.

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@dbradley1 also, please do not forget to Kudos.  

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