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Scheduled Reports Failing with Required SSL Settings and to Require Client Certificates

Hello All,

Has anyone experienced/resolved scheduled reports failing to export .pdf via 'email' or 'save to disk' while SSL settings are set to 'Require SSL' and require client certificates?

It works when I set the client certificates to 'Ignore' or 'Accept'. We are mandated by our company to require client certificates.

Current Environment:

- Currently running Orion Platform 2015.1.3, NPM 11.5.3 on Windows Server 2012, IIS 8.5

- SSO SmartCard Authentication required


For scheduled reports to export .pdf and send them out via 'Email' or 'Save To Disk', with SSL Settings set to 'Require' and require client certificates (Company Requirement):


When we run the scheduled report via Email, it would send the message WITHOUT the .pdf attachment.

When we run the scheduled report via 'Save to Disk' it would fail (see following screenshot):


Currently IIS 8.5 is set with the following:



I did some experimenting and set the SSL Settings > Client certificates to 'Ignore' and re-ran the test. This time it was successful:



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