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Scale on charts


is there a way to change the scale on charts so that we can read them better?

for instance on the availability chart we can set the sample rate to be one day over 7 day period, the minimum column sizes range from  91% and 99%, but the graph displays 0 to 100% so the detail is lost, you can barely see the difference between columns. Is there a setup that displays only between 91% and 99% ?



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Level 21

Being able to manually set the scales on the charts would be a wonderful thing to have.

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Level 9

I'm having the exact opposite problem - most of my charts only display the interval between the min and max value - There seems to be no way to control it - which I agree is a mayor nuisance.

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Can anyone help?

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I got the following from Kevin Twomey from Solarwinds support - one of the few who's actually been able to produce some results on the issues we have.

For Orion 8.5.1 - maybe earlier version aswel - I don't know !



In the install directory, there is a file called 

"C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\CustomPollers-NetPerfMon.Charts."

This file contains the Y axis definitions that will be used be the charts. 


To change the custom poller chart:

Open this file, find the <CustomOidChart> section.

Change the <Rescalable> value to No  (from Yes).

Under <YAxis>, change <ManualScale> from “None” to “Both”


Use the <ScaleMin> and <ScaleMax> values to set the minimum and maximum values on the charts

(this applies for all custom poller charts).

5.      Restart the Solarwinds Orion NPM Com+ application. 

6.      Restart IIS.


It will take a few minutes before the cache is cleared,

but then they should start to see the new values. 

If you only wants to set the minimum value, set the <ManualScale> value to “Min”. 

For maximum values, use “Max”.


The same steps can be used for any of the charts in this file(min/Max/Average)

to set the values for the Y-Axis on the chart. 

Just a reminder, these values are global for all charts of this type


It doesnt work for all my custom charts for some reason though


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I tried this solution, but the <CustomOIDChart> section is not in the listed file.  I am running version 9.0.0 and am wondering if that section is no longer used.  Was it replaced?

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