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SYSLOG Table Size Overlimit

Anybody who can help me to minimize the size of SYSLOG Table, i am currently using Orion NPM v.7.8.5 with SQL 2000 Enterprise. Curretly i have 370 GB Space available for SQL Data File but in NetPerfMon Database SYSLOG Table acquired 150 GB For Tabl and 141 GB For Indexing now i am out of space... kindly anyone who can help me in this regard?
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I think the only way to make it smaller is to actually shorten the number of days that syslog messages are retained. I had the same issue with syslog eating up space until I cut the number of days... Secondly I made a concerted effort within my organization for the Operations staff to actually take action on syslog messages, this has reduced the overall amount of messages that are hitting the syslog server...

John J. Times
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