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SWSQL assistance in Report writer

Hi All,

I have a sql report in report writer that I would like to GROUP devices by a specific custom property, however, it does not seem to be working for me.

Here is my sql.

select T1.NodeId, Caption,  Vendor, IP_Address, MachineType, t2.Model, servicetag, XX_Serial_Number, XX_Location, XX_Rack from Nodes t1

inner join APM_HardwareAlertData t2

on t1.nodeid=t2.nodeid

AND Group_Ownership = 'Network'

AND XX_Location = 'XX Datacenter'


(select Nodeid, caption, vendor, IP_Address, machinetype, '', '', XX_Serial_Number, XX_Location, XX_Rack from nodes

where nodeid not in (select nodeid from APM_HardwareAlertData )

AND Group_Ownership = 'Network'

AND XX_Location = 'XX Datacenter')

order by XX_Rack

When I try adding the XX_Rack into the Report grouping tab in report writer, I get a message stating that  SQL Error: Sort order cannot be applied (after hitting Execute SQL Query).

Any suggestions ?

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