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SWQL or SQL report help

I've been tasked with creating a report that shows how all of our alerts are created.  More to the point we want a report to show the following:

  • The scope of the alert
  • The trigger condition
  • The reset condition
  • All trigger actions
    • Who's being notified and the message body.
  • All reset actions
    • who's being notified and the message body.

I've found a decent amount of this information, but nothing that completely meets the desired results.  Here's that I have so far:



, a.Description

, a.ObjectType

, a.Frequency


   WHEN a.Severity ='2' THEN 'CRITICAL'

   WHEN a.Severity ='1' THEN 'WARNING'

END as Severity

, a.Trigger

, a.Reset

, a.AlertMessage

, a.NotifyEnabled

, a.NotificationSettings

, a.Canned

, b.ResponsibleTeam

FROM Orion.AlertConfigurations a

Join Orion.AlertConfigurationsCustomProperties b on a.AlertID = B.AlertID

WHERE a.Enabled = 'True'

Order by a.Name

I've spent 2 days on this and I'm at an impasse and I need some assistance.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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