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SWQL command to know the up status of 5 specific nodes

Hi Guys,

I want a SWQL command to know the up status of 5 specific nodes. Recently I have upgraded my environment to 2020.2 and implementing a modern dashboard. But the problem is I'm new to this SWQL structure, so bit difficult me to figure out the correct command and seems like all the widgets are following the same structure. Can any one please help me out. 

@patrick.hubbard @mesverrum @Jfrazier @aLTeReGo 

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This should get you started. Just replace the display names with the names of your servers and add whatever additional fields of information you're wanting to display. 


SELECT [data].[DisplayName] AS [DisplayName],[data].[InstanceSiteId] AS [InstanceSiteId]
FROM orion.nodes AS data
((([data].[Caption]) = ('Tex-3750.aus.lab')) OR (([data].[Caption]) = ('')) OR (([data].[Caption]) = ('')) OR (([data].[Caption]) = ('tok-1131AP-A')) OR (([data].[Caption]) = ('tok-bro200e-01')))