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Level 7

SW-Orion Report Title variable

I am new to SW and am working with reports. I have created a few reports and want to have the scheduled report save to a network location which I figured out how to do. The issue I am having is I can't figure out how to get the report at add the report run date to the title.

A sample report title would be something like Internet Utilization - Last 30 Days. I would like it to be Internet Utilization - Report Run Date where Report Run Date is the date I ran the report in the format similar to 11-30-2016. I will have reports run weekly and some monthly and they will go to a folder on a share. The report file name looks to be based on the Report Title. If I can't use a variable then it will just overwrite each time it is run.

Is it possible to customize the Report Title or File Name using a date variable?

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Level 12

Insert a variable in the report title in Save to Disk Action such as ${N=Generic;M=MediumDate} and the title will be prepended with this "2016_11_28_13_00_03_" which will make the title unique.  There are other variables you may use. as desired.

what a misstep Solar Winds has taken.  why would you not be able to customize a report header, title, or any object with meta characters that would insert the date/time etc?  just another stupid thing that Solar Winds has no clue about.

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