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SSH from an Orion NPM 10.4.2 web page link

I have read about 20 old posts about various ways to kludge the Orion web page/browser/registry/whatever to allow a working SSH link.  I am wondering if someone has more recent concise instructions for making this happen.  We do not have the Orion toolset/integration.

The lack of this particular functionality has become, for us, one of the most frustrating things about Orion.

Currently when I click on the "Telnet" link on the node details page in the Advanced Node Details box, my PC launches a Putty telnet window to a node.

Most of us have moved on to allow only SSH for cli access to our Cisco and other nodes, so it is time to make a change.

I am looking for the easiest way to make this happen, even if I need to use a different ssh client.  We use Chrome, but are also willing to change browsers if that makes this easier.  We run Windows 7.

I can launch putty/ssh from a command line on my PC using c:\putty -ssh <ip address>.  I have not been able to get this working as a custom link on a view.

If you respond referring me to one of the old posts I mentioned reading, please do not do so unless you know if works both as written and currently.



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Debbi and all,

Without getting into the deep conversation around spending more money...SW does sell the Engineer's Toolkit, and there is an integration that allows you to right-click on any device and telnet/ssh into it.  The Engineer's Toolkit brings several other advantages to the table as well with all the tools that are provided, but it does cost money.

And without getting into the politics of the situation...if it was my company and I had a tool that integrated to provide you this functionality, I certainly wouldn't build that functionality into the web UI and remove the need to purchase the other product.


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Yes, but here is what everyone's missing. Because NPM has the icons for ssh as well as other remote access methods, it should work without the use of the toolkit, besides typically the toolkit is not installed on the NPM server, its installed on a Engineers client PC.

Back to my original comment, SOLARWINDS SUPPORT, please fix this broken feature of NPM!

Except that the Engineer's toolkit also provides telnet integration, but telnet works from the web UI.  The problem is more about windows not knowing what to do with SSH:// links than SW intentionally limiting a product's features in order to get the customer to spend more money. 

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What? Microsoft having an interoperability limitation? Thats just crazy talk!!!  (Ha Ha... wink) I'm just sayin'...

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Here is my $.02 value add. This allows putty to run while the original cmd prompt window closes, without the annoying windows dialog. Also passes %username%.

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Do you know how to get it to NOT send the username that is logged into the box.  Whenever I remove a username field and try to send ssh://, it uses the default user logged into windows to ssh into the device.  I am using Putty as my ssh app.  If I manually edit the .bat file with a username, it will send the username I set.  I am trying to avoid that.  I use different usernames for different device types.  Is there a way to do this?

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We too feel your pain.  I can only tell you what we have done, which is to buy SecureCRT.  It has the ability to register itself on the system  to handle ssh://  protocol handlers.  It's been working very well for us.

Of course, we'd really like to see a build in web tool that pops up and allows us to perform the requested action or a way to register the appropriate locally installed tool like you are trying to do.


I have securecrt and I also have eng toolset. Even I can't get it to work!

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I've had to reset IE and then register SecureCRT to get it to work properly.  Funny, the free Solarwinds Dameware SSH client always seems to register properly - if it was more like SecureCRT we'd switch in a minute.

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Make sure you have you have "toolset integration" checked in the account settings for the account that you are logging in with.


We also use SecureCRT, but would prefer to use SSHv2 instead of SSHv1.  So after every NPM upgrade I have to do the following:

How do I configure the SSH button on Orion NPM Node Details views to use SSH version 2 instead of SSH version 1?

Assuming you have already established a client as your default SSH2 application, the following procedure configures Orion NPM to launch your SSH2 application when you click the SSH button on the Orion NPM Node Details view.

To configure Orion NPM to use an SSH version 2 client as your default SSH application:

1.       Log on to you Orion NPM server using an account with administrative privileges.

2.       In a text editor, open IntegrationIcons.ascx in the default location Volume: \Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\Controls\ .

3.       Find ssh: , and then change it to ssh2: .

4.       Save IntegrationIcons.ascx .

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You are Right, been going on for along time..


Please publish a document or integrate SSH, TELNET, RDP, etc into ORION NPM as well as the other tools you offer. We should not have to be so confused about this... From the NPM screens, we should be able to use these modes in order to gain access to the devices from your tool.

This is not a feature request anymore, we as paying customers need/want this functionality, please use some cycles to insure this is done in a expeditious manner. A definitive document is needed right away.

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I setup the SSH protocol handler on my system to launch PuTTY per the registry changes below. This allows any link ssh://hostname to be processed by my workstation and launch with PuTTY. I use various utilities in a folder of my C drive called Tools with some UNIX utilities like sed.exe.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:SSH Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="\"C:\\Tools\\ssh.bat\" \"%1\""



ECHO START "Putty" "C:\Tools\Putty.exe" -ssh %1 | "C:\Tools\sed.exe" "s_ssh://\([A-Za-z0-9.]*\)/_\1_" > "%TEMP%\sshlaunch.bat"

CALL "%TEMP%\sshlaunch.bat"

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  This looks like the protocol handler script that has been up for at least a couple of years; unfortunately I was never able to get it to work... has anyone else had success with it?

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I was able to avoid using sed.exe by calling the extract function on the variable.

Here is my batch file:

@echo off

set var=%1

set extract=%var:~6,-1%

"C:\Program Files (x86)\teraterm\ttermpro.exe" -ssh %extract%

Here is my .reg hack:



@="URL:ssh Protocol"

"URL Protocol"=""




@="\"C:\\ssh_util.bat\" %1"

I can verify that this does work with Windows 7 and will allow you to click the little "SSH" button on a node view.

I've uploaded the files to content exchange if you want to just download them.



This worked perfect! thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for this. Works great!

I apparently do not have a "little SSH button" at the top of my screen....  Any ideas?

For now I have created a user link, but I would really like the "little SSH button". 


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I think this is because of the browser that you are using. IE 8 has the buttons Firefox does not. Not sure about other IE versions


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