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SQL Statement for if last boot is within last 10 minutes then insert the word in email "Power Loss"

I have an alert for when a branch goes offline.  I want to track if the issue was power related or not.  My thought is that I can look to the last boot time.  I would like to insert the phrase "Power Loss" into an email alert when the device comes back online if the last boot time is within the last 10 minutes.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Try the following as a SQL variable in your alert.

select case 
when lastboot is null
then 'No Last Boot Time Available'
when DATEDIFF(MINUTE,lastboot, getdate()) <= 10
then 'Possible Power Outage' 
when DATEDIFF(MINUTE,lastboot, getdate()) >= 10 
then 'No' 
end as 'MinutesSinceLastBoot'
from nodes
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I altered the time differences to 1 because in simply testing by reloading the device. Still the same result.
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The solution provided doesn't work.  The response I get simply says "No" each time.

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I'm testing this now and will let you know

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