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SQL DB Migration with CNAME

We will be moving our DB from a 2008 SQL server to 2014.  If we add a CNAME to point to the same name as the old SQL server, should Solarwinds just pick up where it left off when I start up the services when the migration is complete?  Because the name isn't changing, I didn't think I needed to run the configuration wizard, is that correct?

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Yes. though I don't quite know why everyone is so keen on using CNAME's -- they cause additional lookups and don't [quite] mean what people think they do.

why not simply have: IN A new.server.IP.address

we migrated from SQLserver 2008 to a 2016 cluster -- the DBA moved the database, and I updated the DNS to point to the cluster VIP and it just worked.


If it's a single server install failover clustering and make it a single node cluster, add the old name and ip as resources into a role and your set.

If it's a cluster already then you could do the same but get a DBA involved to make sure SQL is part of the same role so it fails over cleanly

dsimpkins Yeah, it will again be a single server.  Our Network team will be adding the old name as a CNAME to this new server and our DBA will be backing up and restoring the databases to the new server will all the same names and accounts, etc.  For all intents and purposes, it will have the same configuration string, accounts, etc as the old server.

2008 Server - DNS RECORD:

1) Backup and restore DBs to new server and shut down the old

2) Add CNAME of to

2012 Server - DNS RECORD:


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