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Hello fellow thwacksters!

I recently started working with a SolarWinds instance that needed some TLC. I've gotten the alerting squared away, most of the devices on the network discovered, and some neat dashboards that folks like.

Our IT Manager recently posed the question on if we could get SolarWinds on our phones to follow up on email alerts we've received. I did some digging and found SolarWinds Mobile Admin, but it seems pretty out of date and like it may not be the best option. Does anyone have any experience contrary to this? Does anyone else have their SolarWinds setup to follow-up on alerts and general NPM details through a mobile app or site?

I'm open to ideas and recommendations and would love to hear if you've been able to do it.

Thanks !

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Years ago, SolarWinds had a free product called Alert Central. This was an amazing utility, which was sadly dropped from continuous development some years ago.

Mobile Admin does work well, despite it's fairly ancient GUI, but if it's only alerts you're looking for, as my fellow MVP stated, PagerDuty integration is built in to Orion. Its not the cheapest of options (in fact Alert Central pretty much does exactly what PagerDuty does!), but it is great for providing visibility of your alerts.
- Jez Marsh
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Some of us are using SaaS like OpsGenie or PagerDuty to route alerts to mobile devices, along with other benefits such as on-call rotation management. 

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There is a SolarWinds pass portal on the APP store. I have downloaded it to my iPhone but must admit have not got round to setting this up yet. 

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your application hosted in cloud or on-prem environment?

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