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SNMPv3 querry for latitude and longitude


I used Universal Device Pollers to add two OIDs for a radio/node that being monitored by Orion NPM.  After I assigned the OIDs to the radio/node and used SNMPv3 to querry/poll the radio, Orion NPM displayed a message saying something like "OIDs are not supported."

My speculations are:

1) the SNMPv3 credentials I enterred were incorrect.  However, this may not be the case since after I entered and submitted the SNMPv3 credentials for the radio/node, there were no indications that SNMPv3 credentials were incorrect.

2) Orion NPM just does not support SNMP attributes such as lattitude and longitude, thus, NPM did not understand the latitude and longitude OIDs I added.

I have recently submitted the radio MIB file for including into the next MIB database release.  Would you please give me your advice.  Thanks.


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Level 13

The first step is to verify that the MIBs are not already in our MIB library.  You can do this by browsing or search the MIB library using the Universal Device Poller.  If the MIBs you're interested in are not in the library, then it is not supported.However you can get them added by following the steps in this KB article.

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