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SNMP v3 and 3COM 4800G

I am having some major issues trying to get 3Com 4800G switches working in Orion via SNMPv3. The 3Com 5500 EI switches we have work fine on all 3 versions of SNMP without any problems, i am not so surprised that they are different as they are working from a different chipset so have many large differences from the 4800Gs.

I can get the 4800Gs to work with Orion on v1 and v2 but it fails completely when using v3. To be sure of my config on the switch i have tested connectivity via v3 to these units by running a full scan of all Availble Standard Interfaces by using the Paessler Tester. This test worked fine along with all the other Request Types. On these switches I know that by using snmpv2 i can force the source of the snmp packets to be controlled by ACL, but my goal is to have all snmp traffic on our network moved to v3 only.

So my question is... has anyone here run into this problem if they too were unfortunate enough to have these 4800G switches on their network as well?

I will be very thankful for any insights into this puzzle, if it makes any difference we are running NPM 10.2.1 and APM 4.2.0

Many Thanks

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This is an old post but I came across this myself and figured I would reply.  It seems that there is an issue in some firmwares prior to A5500EI-CMW520-R2215 for this platform.  You can see the release notes here:

Below is a snippet from those release notes:


 Symptom: The CLI does not respond to an NMS that uses SNMPv3 with 3DES to access the switch.

 Condition: This symptom might occur when an NMS uses SNMPv3 with 3DES to access the switch.

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What authentication and encryption types are you trying to use? Did you configure PRTG and NPM to use the exact same settings? Have you looked at a PCAP while trying to add the device? Sometimes you'll see good mismatch information there.


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The settings used were AuthNoPriv, i made sure the settings were the same in both. however I only checked that the snmp packets were being sent and received and that the version number was correct when running PCAP. I'll have another check through for the finer details to see what i can find ther.

Thanks for the reply Mav

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On further checking through the wireshark logs i can only see snmp get-requests and snmp reports coming back from the swich when using Orion. When using the Paessler tester i can see the expected communication including the snmp get-responses.

I can duplicate the behaviour i see when using Orion in Paessler by intentionally getting the password wrong. Could i be looking at a situation where the 4800G is incapable running Auth-NoPriv in conjunction with Orion? is this something any of you have seen with other snmp devices.

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