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I’ve never set up a device with SNMP v3 plus use it in Orion. This is a first for me. We have several video codecs from a vendor named LifeSize and they support SNMP v3.


Here are their only documented SNMP statements to configure on these codecs.


set snmp contact

set snmp description

set snmp enable (disable)

set snmp location

set snmp system-name

set snmp user

set snmp v3trapdestination

get snmp version


Very basic stuff…and as you can see it is not much to work with and I have not been able to make it work using SNMP v3 in Orion.


Can anyone provide any help to understand how this works with Orion’s SNMP v3 settings? Does SNMP v3 still require Port 161?


What about these Orion ADD NODE statements and how they might correlate between Orion & these device SET SNMP commands?



 Username (I assume this comes from SET SNMP USER…)

 Context (no idea)

 Authentication (no idea) (password/key) Does this come from SET USER?)

 Privacy/Encryption (no idea)



 Do these work the same as above?

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Have you seen the following link:

This link specifically covers implementing SNMP v3 with Solarwinds products.

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I've been using that document but it leans mostly to Cisco IOS.

Any ideas with other than Cisco devices, like this one here?

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Here is the snmp config I put on my lifesize endpoints.

get system name
get snmp location
get snmp user
set snmp contact ""
set snmp location "Nebraska"
set snmp user orion -d - #deletes user in case it's there
set snmp user -a "orion" Pa$$word #adds user "orion" with password "Pa$$word"
set snmp enable on

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I ran across some of this trying to set up SNMPv3 with my network.  Some devices don't allow you full control over their SNMPv3 implementation and only allow you to modify certain parts of it.  Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of the codecs and have them look up their v3 details.  Some companies have hard-coded the privacy and encryption algorithms used and others have hard-coded the username and only allow you to change the password.  I had a hell of a time getting it to work on our bluecoat devices.  I'm still trying to get our Ironport C350's to work correctly.

Good luck with it!

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i am still trying to get this to work WITH Orion!

SNMP V3 works when using WinAgents MIB Browser and this device, but Solarwinds does not work.



thanks for any help.

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When setting up the IronPort device in NPM, what SNMPv3 Context do you use? The IronPort documentation lists the username, but no context. Is that just blank? I can't find it in the documentation or any hints as to where to look for it.

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The username is v3get.  It's near the top of the snmp help on the IronPort.  Very easy to miss.  Select MD5, then enter the password you added using the snmp config on the IronPort.  Select None for Privacy / Encryption.

Thank you so much!!!  I've been fighting with this one for far too long.

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