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SNMP v3 Authentication Problem

SNMP v3 is not correctly authenticating for ethernet devices but will for ATM devices.  Switch/router snmp-server, user, group configs have been double, triple checked as well as the SolarWinds credentials but we cannot get them managed via SNMP v3.  Have also ruled out ACLs, firewalls essentially any type of filtering.


However, our ATM Devices are managed via SNMP v3 and work as intended.


This is the error message we receive: "SNMP Validation Failed for Node 'X' - Error: SNMPv3 - Wrong Digests - The authentication digest did not match to the expected result, possible incorrect key/password."

And as stated above, the credentials have been checked multiple times over and removed and replaced.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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As we are not sure if the problem is from Orion or the device, you should try another utility to test the SNMPv3 credentials. This will help to figure out which part of the chain to focus on.

Engineer's Toolset can be used as a second utility:

If possible try to remove any special characters from the username and password of the SNMPv3 credentials if it still fails using one of the utility in Toolset.



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Finally fixed.

After chasing my tail in Sys Manager, defragging my server, compacting the database and a few other good housekeeping measures i was about to give up and just start re-installing SW.  As a last ditch effort, I did what I should have done from the beginning and RTFM which gave me the idea to check the SQL Database for inconsistencies for my SNMP creds. 

I knew that SolarWinds stores the credential data for each device in the SQL database but it honestly didn't occur to me that it just might be wrong.  As it turns out the database had the wrong info or none at all.  Looked online for a solution to query and set the database and this is what I came up with for Username, Auth, and Priv:

--SNMPv3 username

UPDATE Nodes SET RWSNMPV3Username = '<new SNMPv3 username>' WHERE RWSNMPV3Username = '<old SNMPv3 username>'

UPDATE Nodes SET SNMPV3Username = '<new SNMPv3 username>' WHERE SNMPV3Username = '<old SNMPv3 username>'


--SNMPv3 Auth

UPDATE Nodes SET RWSNMPV3AuthKey = '<new SNMPv3 AUth>' WHERE RWSNMPV3AuthKey = '<old SNMPv3 AUth>'

UPDATE Nodes SET SNMPV3AuthKey = '<new SNMPv3 AUth>' WHERE SNMPV3AuthKey = '<old SNMPv3 AUth>'


--SNMPv3 Priv

UPDATE Nodes SET RWSNMPV3PrivKey = '<new SNMPv3 Priv>' WHERE RWSNMPV3PrivKey = '<old SNMPv3 Priv>'

UPDATE Nodes SET SNMPV3PrivKey = '<new SNMPv3 Priv>' WHERE SNMPV3PrivKey = '<old SNMPv3 Priv>'

make sure to keep the single quotes and drop the <> or it will fail you.

Pretty useful for making broad strokes to change your SNMP settings in SW.  Beats handjamming each item.


Oh, and backup the DB before making changes 😉

What were the steps to query the database.  I am having issues but under NCM.  In NPM it works great.  Thanks..

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