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SNMP requests for Serial Numbers of Cisco Devices


I am trying to find out how it is possible to display values for a Cisco Host from a specfic table.

The Table is from Cisco ENTITY-MIB

entPhysicalEntry (OID:

In the end I would like to have a table of the Serial Number associated with this device/host, e.g.

entPhysicalDesc (OID:

entPhysicalName (OID:

entPhysicalModelName (OID:

enyPhysicalSerialNum (OID:

And if possible I would like to filter the results displaying only entries where the serial number is defined.

Any help would be mush appreciated.


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The problem with the above linked report is it only shows 1 Serial Number even if there is a stack of switches.  Is there a report that will show every serial number regardless of stacked or not?

There seems to be posts going back for years on this one question...

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The Suggestion of lindsey to Show the Serial number of the devices, I can get this workiing without any Problems.

But as mentioned above it only Shows a single Serial number for the device.

I would like to build a table/Report about all items in the device.

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