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What is a more preferred, SNMP or WMI?

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Recently we started switching from snmpv2 to wmi on our windows systems and from snmpv2 to snmpv3 on our linux systems. PCI compliance is the reason for us.

That's us as well.  SNMPv3 for network equipment and Linux systems.  WMI for Windows.

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I'm in the same boat as Ballzo....we were using SNMP v2 on systems until PCI came around and said v2 wasn't acceptable any longer.  We moved anything PCI related to WMI...

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Here's a good breakdown, courtesy of Mr. adatole

SNMP vs WMI polling - pros and cons


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Thanks for the reply.

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I'd be careful with this question, it opens quite a can of worms sometimes

The correct answer will always be "it depends", depending on circumstances/focus/goal/access requirements/etc. This is not a question with as simple an answer as it sounds.

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