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SNMP not working on some nodes

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Good morning people.

I am a little confused about something.  So I have about 25% of my infrastructure not being discovered via SNMP.  It will not autodiscover, nor can I manually add it.  As a test I set an any-any rule on our firewalls to allow all traffic (I know, it's a stupid risk, but I turned it off when I finished) and it will not poll.  I can poll via ICMP and via WMI, but SNMP will not budge.  You would think it was something to do with vlans, but nodes are being added on the same vlan that some nodes are not being added.

I have an GPO that (surprisingly) worked on out entire infrastructure so I know it cannot be that.  I thought it might have been an issue with maybe the routers/switches only allowing traffic to a specific IP address.  Networks checked this and it seems fine.  I did some monitoring via wireshark/the network devices themselves and it appears that data is being sent to the nodes, but for some reason the switches indicate that packets are being dropped

Save local firewalls (which are not turned on via gpo) I cannot understand why it is not polling. While I do some research on this site, would anyone have a clue why it's not polling?

Thank you in advanced

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Just as an update - everything seems to be working fine now.  It was all due to an issue on some firewalls that will be scrapped eventually.  But it's still a pain in the bottom.  I was getting frustrated and angry because I have devised an almost military like plan and expected it to work as intended.  After about six weeks and being behind I realised that my plan had literally been thrown to the bottom of the ocean.

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Do you have a few nodes you could pull the policy off of, then set the SNMP values manually? Force policy referesh, then reboot? Just to see if that makes a difference? Sometimes replication can get iffy and this would rule out any kind of issue with GPO if it still doesn't work.

The network change is something to consider as well, I've been there before. Easy to have different parts of the department forget about stuff or make changes. I had a network engineer asking me about port security notifications yesterday only to discover it was a new switch that they didn't request that I monitor... that explains why there were no alerts.

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Hi shaun, can you be more specific? what are the devices that you are trying to add?

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They're all windows 2k8.2k12 boxes.  Nothing special about them, they don't have any magical properties.  They just  don't poll.

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Have you ensured that you allowed the poller to poll the device in the SNMP settings?  With Windows, you not only have to define the community strings, but which devices can collect data.


Yep.  Ergo my GPO change.

mbird​ has the right idea here, your policy refresh certainly has potential to hold you back.

Beyond that start simple. Can you ping the servers from your Orion Sever? Does a Tracert have any hops not returning details (possible FW, or router)? If you can touch the server from the Orion Desktop, then look closer at the Servers Settings or GPO.

If for some reason only the main Server, or certain pollers; were considered in the ACL's then move the Boxes you are trying to monitor to that specific server that is included in the ACL's and try again.

Yep, check this 100%.

As far as WMI and SNMP, you can absolutely monitor Windows servers via SNMP, fazl-e-azeem​, I have a mix of SNMP and WMI for the nodes I monitor.

windows machines are polled by WMI, not snmp.

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I thought that, but I read that is uses upto 5 times more resources than SNMP.  If you have first hand experience on this (I did quite a lot of research on this forum and on other internet-based search engines.)

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WMI and SNMP by themselves are ordinarily not that high impact if you're just polling for basic performance metrics. We're talking sNMP is .01 and WMI is .05 (of 1%).

If you're adding in SAM polling on top of that it's a different story.

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I don't know about how much resources it uses, but it does the trick for me, where ever i have deployed solarwinds, SNMP for Networking devices, WMI for Windows Devices and ICMP for those that do not support SNMP/WMI.

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