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SNMP Trap Variable Bindings

I'm trying to setup variable bindings for SNMP traps. I have the following SNMP Trap Alert setup with the following action:


I can see in the email I receive that its receiving the variables and the variable bindings:


But in the email it's not replacing the variables:


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This should reveal all the trapvarbinds and such... use HTML


<font color="darkred"><i>Please check the details below for more information.</i></font>

<b><u><font color="green">SNMP Trap Details</font></u></b>
<b>SolarWinds application information: </b><font color="#17365D">${Application}</font>
<b>Node community string: </b><font color="#17365D">${Community}</font>
<b>Copyright information: </b><font color="#17365D">${Copyright}</font>
<b>Fully qualified node name: </b><font color="#17365D">${DNS}</font>
<b>Host name of the device triggering the trap: </b><font color="#17365D">${Hostname}</font>
<b>IP address of device triggering alert: </b><font color="#17365D">${IP_Address}</font>
<b>Message sent with triggered trap and displayed in Trap Details field of Trap Viewer: </b><font color="#17365D">${Message}</font>
<b>Name or type of trap triggered: </b><font color="#17365D">${MessageType}</font>
<b>Raw numerical values for properties sent in the corresponding incoming trap.: </b><font color="#17365D">${Raw}</font>
<b>Raw numerical values for properties sent in the corresponding incoming trap. The same as ${Raw}.: </b><font color="#17365D">${RawValue}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 0: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName1}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 0: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData1}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 1: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName1}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 1: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData1}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 2: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName2}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 2: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData2}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 3: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName3}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 3: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData3}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 4: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName4}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 4: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData4}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 5: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName5}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 5: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData5}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 6: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName6}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 6: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData6}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 7: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName7}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 7: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData7}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 8: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName8}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 8: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData8}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 9: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName9}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 9: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData9}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 10: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName10}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 10: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData10}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 11: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName11}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 11: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData11}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 12: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName12}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 12: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData12}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 13: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName13}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 13: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData13}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 14: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName14}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 14: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData14}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding name 15: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbName15}</font>
<b>Trap variable binding value 15: </b><font color="#17365D">${vbData15}</font>


From when I have done varbinds in the past I believe the syntax is more generic, it should be something like this:


Trap variable binding value


Trap variable binding name

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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