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SNMP Request for EMC CLARiiON Storage

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According to available documentation EMC has developed SNMP support utilizing OID.
The latest SolarWinds MIB database does not include the 1981 tree.


One reference document found was located on a DELL site.


One other extract demonstrated.

MIB File: clariion_fsc_2.mib



1: sysDescr.0 (octet string) CX300 - Flare
2: sysObjectID.0 (object identifier) deviceType
3: sysUpTime.0 (timeticks) 0 days 00h:03m:05s.65th (18565)
4: sysContact.0 (octet string) (zero-length)
5: sysName.0 (octet string) CX300_112_113
6: sysLocation.0 (octet string) (zero-length)
7: sysServices.0 (integer) 72
8: ifNumber.0 (integer) 2
9: ifIndex.1 (integer) 1
10: ifIndex.2 (integer) 2
11: ifDescr.1 (octet string) Internal loopback interface for 127.0.0 network
12: ifDescr.2 (octet string) Intel(R) 8255xER PCI Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport
13: ifType.1 (integer) softwareLoopback(24)
14: ifType.2 (integer) ethernet-csmacd(6)
15: ifMtu.1 (integer) 32768
16: ifMtu.2 (integer) 1500
17: ifSpeed.1 (gauge) 10000000
18: ifSpeed.2 (gauge) 100000000
19: ifPhysAddress.1 (octet string) (zero-length)
20: ifPhysAddress.2 (octet string) (hex)
21: ifAdminStatus.1 (integer) up(1)
22: ifAdminStatus.2 (integer) up(1)
23: ifOperStatus.1 (integer) 5
24: ifOperStatus.2 (integer) 5
25: ifLastChange.1 (timeticks) 0 days 00h:00m:00s.00th (0)
26: ifLastChange.2 (timeticks) 128 days 03h:00m:14s.53th (1107001453)
27: ifInOctets.1 (counter) 0
28: ifInOctets.2 (counter) 252057891
29: ifInUcastPkts.1 (counter) 0
30: ifInUcastPkts.2 (counter) 733588
31: ifInNUcastPkts.1 (counter) 0
32: ifInNUcastPkts.2 (counter) 596297
33: ifInDiscards.1 (counter) 0
34: ifInDiscards.2 (counter) 0
35: ifInErrors.1 (counter) 0
36: ifInErrors.2 (counter) 0
37: ifInUnknownProtos.1 (counter) 0
38: ifInUnknownProtos.2 (counter) 3
39: ifOutOctets.1 (counter) 0
40: ifOutOctets.2 (counter) 686169046
41: ifOutUcastPkts.1 (counter) 0
42: ifOutUcastPkts.2 (counter) 921561
43: ifOutNUcastPkts.1 (counter) 0
44: ifOutNUcastPkts.2 (counter) 2127
45: ifOutDiscards.1 (counter) 0
46: ifOutDiscards.2 (counter) 0
47: ifOutErrors.1 (counter) 0
48: ifOutErrors.2 (counter) 0
49: ifOutQLen.1 (gauge) 0
50: ifOutQLen.2 (gauge) 0
51: ifSpecific.1 (object identifier) (null-oid) null
52: ifSpecific.2 (object identifier) (null-oid) null
53: ipForwarding.0 (integer) not-forwarding(2)
54: ipDefaultTTL.0 (integer) 128
55: ipInReceives.0 (counter) 1915926
56: ipInHdrErrors.0 (counter) 0
57: ipInAddrErrors.0 (counter) 234595
58: ipForwDatagrams.0 (counter) 0

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1 Solution

Hi everyone on this thread - we are working on a new free tool that is focused on EMC Clariion. If you would be interested in trying it out or just hearing more - please email me at 


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As Denny has pointed out, this is not so much an Orion issue, this is all to do with the fact that the Vendor, in your case EMC, has not put the information you need into the SNMP MIB database for you to then use the Universal Device Poller to collect within Orion.

This is a major frustration in this instance and I have seen issues related to hardware where this kind of information is deliberately left out of the SNMP MIB database, as this would mean the vendor will sell less of its own monitoring tools which uses their own proprietory API to gather the data.

Life would be so much simpler if the vendors followed consistent structures - you may for example have found that HP does not put switch CPU and memory in the resource MIB, instead putting this information in the Private vendor branch instead..

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i couldn't agree more.

i'm trying to create quick high level storage page and pull in overview of EMC and Dell Compellent storage.

sadly, when i do standard and private MIB Walk i see RFC 1213 interface stats (standard RFC1213-MIB) and UCD - University of California at Davis (private UCD-SNMP-MIB).  unfortunately, the private is truncated at and what i'm after are:

,,,, dskTotal

,,,, dskAvail

,,,, dskUsed

,,,, dskPercent

don't really care as so much for RFC1213 interface tcp, icmp, udp, snmp, etc packet counts and information.


it would be helpful to have a tabular view with site/compellent and site/emc   TB used, TB total, and % used.

i'll have to be patient, and wait to demo Storage Profiler once Dell Compellent is added.  

btw, it was disappointing when i did the online quote for Storage Profiler and it came back $300,000.  eek  PASS!!!

seems like we'll have to keep logging into two different management centers/consoles (emc/compellent) to get this data.  so much for one pain of glass.  i mean pane.  😉

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btw, it was disappointing when i did the online quote for Storage Profiler and it came back $300,000.  eek  PASS!!!

I am going to ping you offline, I am curious to see why this came out at this price.

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Just curious if anyone has successfully tried modifying the snmpd.conf file (disk / xxx and Access Control) to allow the UCD-SNMP-MIBS to report to Orion NPM?  

When I do a private snmpwalk I only see the truncated and not the table I'm after?  More specifically, (Used), (Total), and (Percent).  Is this possibly an Access Control issue?

I understand that Storage vendors are proud of their management software, and don't want to lose a revenue stream.


Found some interesting reading on snmpd.conf topic at

ADD is kicking in... UCD-DISKIO-MIB looks valuable too.


So much to learn, and so little time.

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Is this something that will be coming to orion with the Storage software Solarwinds aquired?  If so is there any timeframe around this?  We have several EMC products (Clariion is one of them) and growing all the time.  Any update on this would be very usefull.

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Yes, however, in the meantime you can actually download and evaluate the software now by going to

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Level 7

rcahill or someone able to monitor Clariion through solarwinds ????

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Specifically, what info do you want to collect?

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Denny the following would be helpful start

Each Disk
Physical Drive  (Fiber Channel / SATA)
Enclosure and Disk Number
Physical Disk Size

Raid Type
Physical Size

Each Storage Groups
Server(s) LUN ID

Storage Process Status
Enclosure Serial Number
Onboard Power Supply Status


After that we would be able delve into Disk I/O and performance.

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Can you tell us how we can get the info what rcahill requested from clariion ? I tried to pull the information from clariion , still not getting anything

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Unfortunately, pulling storage data is notoriously difficult.  They do not follow standards in the way that network vendors do.  The storage monitoring problem is something we're investigating. 

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Please do continue to look into this. We certainly need to be able to manage our EMC setups and having it in our Orion reporting would be tremendously hellpful.

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We have multiple EMC Clariion SANs and really need this support too! Our SAN infrastructure is growing fast.

All I can get from our EMC, MIB-wise, is management IP up and System name - not much value there.

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another one here that would love better EMC SAN monitoring.

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Hi everyone on this thread - we are working on a new free tool that is focused on EMC Clariion. If you would be interested in trying it out or just hearing more - please email me at 


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What ever i can, at this moment i can poll anything 😞

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Whatever i can , at this moment i cannot pull anything from clariion. I dont want to set the trap and monitor that

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Level 11


Will Solarwinds be adding in support of .

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Will Solarwinds be adding in support of .

Support how?  What are you looking for?  Is it something the Universal Device Poller  can't monitor?

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Bump. Has any progress been made with the EMC Clariion monitoring?

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