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SNMP Polling for Hardware Devices

Hi Everyone,

I'm having an issue and looking for some insight in how to best resolve. I'm new in implementing Solarwinds, but in the past have built a free monitoring solution from the ground up. One problem I had with device hardware, such as fans and power supplies, is that they poll via SNMP fine when operational, but return a value of N/A when I remove a unit from the device.

Two big questions that come of this:

A) If a fan or power supply actually fails (i.e. not user induced pulling of the unit), will it still alert automatically?

B) If not, what is the best way to monitor a change in the hardware devices? I've done trapping in the past, and know this is an option, but would like to move away from trap-based monitoring for simplicity's sake. My other thought would be to implement a "value change" threshold instead of the operational thresholds commonly used in Solarwinds. What I mean by this is if I have four fans in one chassis, and the number changes to three, then alert me. However, I can't use a "less than" statement for this, because my chassis have a varying number of members, and there for hardware components. 

Any suggestions on this situation are greatly appreciated!

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Read that part about hardware that NPM support natively

There is out of the box alert for hardware that changes status.

If those devices are not there you could make universal poller.

but before you  run that road the thwack content exchange 

could get lucky and someone shared the poller you need..


How to universal poller


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Depending on the hardware, you assign a poller for that aspect of the device, I know that by default Cisco hardware pollers are available for power and fans.
If you have other hardware, you can use the SNMP walker to get the correct OID, then create a Universal Device Poller, and assign the UnDP to the devices.

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