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Level 8

SCP NPM Certified!!!

Guys, I am happy to announce that i successfully cleared my SCP NPM certification today.

I would be eagerly waiting for my Digital Badge and certificate.

Thank you Guys!!! I had read all your valuable guidance to clear the certification and Word is Out


"Follow the NPM ADMIN GUIDE, NPM EXAM GUIDE  to ha ve a good chance at the examination"

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Congrats! NPM is often the first module deployed in any Orion instance, so you chose a great certification!
- Jez Marsh
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Thank you!!

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Well done!

Thank you!!!


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Level 10



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Level 12

Did you find it hard?

And well done.

Thank you.

To be honest it wasnt easy nor hard.

If you read the Admin guide for NPM and ORACLE, also go through the Exam guide topics. 

It should be fine, time is bit constraint as i had to rush through it to complete all 75 questions, all were concept based and had to think a bit to answer correctly



Level 12


Thank you

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