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Run a script and send a sms (Post a phone)


a script that can send an sms (message by phone) during an alert
I do not use and I can not use the software Orion NCM Web Console Is there another solution that allows you to do what I seen

Can you give me more information on Solarwinds Alert Manager (win32 app) on the use of script and receiving sms message by phone thank you


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I believe the requester was looking for a way to use SolarWinds to send an SMS message that does not rely on any form of email/smtp communication gateway.  I believe the hope was to leverage an internet web site as the SMS gateway using an HTTP POST to send the message.  When email systems are down, you can't use email as a reliable alerting mechanism.  However if you can get to an SMS gateway, you can still get a text to a phone and give someone the heads up to take action.

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Most cell phone providers have their own messaging gateways. You just need to send an e-mail alert to the messaging gateway. For example, if I wanted to send an SMS alert to a sprint phone, I would configure an e-mail alert and put <number> in the To field.

Here is a big list of global messaging gateways by carrier:

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