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Level 14

Routing table not showing correctly

Within the Network tab, our Routing Table shows the error "This device's routing table has more entries than can be displayed in the table below. The data below is incomplete"  We have made the config file change mentioned in in the link in the error and restarted all services, but to no avail.

To top it off, there are dozens (hundreds?) of host entries (/32 subnet mask). This doesn't remotely resemble what show ip route returns on the Nexus 7000 -- that listing is about 50 lines at most. Showing thousands of host route entries is pointless.

How can we get the Routing Table section to look like what is returned in show ip route ?

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Level 8

On the Nexus, if you issue "show ip route detail" you will see all of these /32s.  It appears that the nexus switch includes ARPs in the ip route detail, and that this is then put into the SNMP OID that solarwinds polls.

I have a case open with Cisco right now to see if there is a better OID for Nexus devices, or if there is any way of blocking ARPs from being displayed in the SNMP output of the routing table.

Level 17

Is this a view that you created?  What resources did you add to the view?  Or is this the left tab on a node details page?

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This is the Network tab on the left in the Node Details page. I believe the Routing Table entry was there out of the box.

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ah, for some reason I was thinking the network tab at the top.  Have you also tried going into the Web Console Settings and updating the Maximum number of data series displayed on chart option?  This may help as well.  Part of the issue may be with how SolarWinds is receiving the data and not collapsing it where a Cisco Nexus would be a bit better at doing it within the CLI.

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