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Routing - EIGRP Process ID / AS Membership not Recorded?

Hello, community.

I just had a ticket for EIGRP closed under the guise of SolarWinds support considering my inquiry to be a "feature request."  I couldn't believe it, but they indicated recording the Autonomous System (AS) ID for the node not currently supported by the product.   Can this really be accurate?

NPM can recognize that a node is participating and running an EIGRP routing process but, for whatever unfathomable reason, it appears NPM does not record the Autonomous System (AS) ID of the EIGRP processes of which the node is a member.  I mean, that just seems like the most basic information to collect in the process of determining whether or not the node is running EIGRP.  Again, can this really be the case?

EIGRP support is, actually, the #5 on the list of requested NPM features, and that feature request been open since 2013.  Surely, a "mature" product like this could not have overlooked that piece of the puzzle.

If anyone from SolarWinds is reading this, my ticket was called "EIGRP Processes and Autonomous System (AS) Memberhip" (Ticket No. 38726).  I believe this might be the case with other Routing protocols as well (we have the same issue with BGP and OSPF).  With BGP, the "Autonomous System" field only records the neighbor router's AS.

Again, this seems so basic, and that's even more frustrating considering the level of attention to the actual feature request.

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