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Router interface bandwidth usage reports (set time periods)

Hello all

Wondered if you might be able to shed some light on something for me?

I have been asked to provide some bandwidth utilization reports for a bunch of routers, which is easy enough. The issue is i have been asked for statistics only for office hours.

Essentially from 5pm to 9am, WAN usage is obviously much lower, and this brings down the utilization average in the current reports. What i really want is some way of limiting the time frame in the bandwidth report to only show an average statistic taken from office hours.

Does anyone know the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

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Any updates??

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If you are using a web based report then create a report schedule and add your report to it and in the frequency tab use business hours.


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This frequency is for the report scheduling. If you select Business Day in this screen, it will run the report Mon-Fri, not filter out the data.

This will help but it uses the legacy Report Writer (not the web-based GUI reports).  You'll need to modify some of the steps to select an interface traffic report, select the interface fields, etc. but the filtering by time steps are the same.

I'd suggest copying one of the existing Report Writer interface history reports to use as a starting point and use the above link to add the business hours filter.

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DId you acheive your report or not yet??

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The link provided by janene16 is for Report Writer

I suggest to have a look on the report example provided by aLTeReGo here Application Availability Business Hours  and update the query using interface bandhwith fields.



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