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Level 7

Resources to monitor

Morning all

I'm just setting up NPM and was wondering what everyone selects to monitor window servers in resources?  We only have 500 licences so was thinking of monitor the following:

What do you think?


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Level 10

Hi D,
This is a good starting point, depending on where you want to go with this. How many servers do you actually have? This is a really elementary setup & may not provide you with the application-specific data that you need to make decisions. e.g. on a SQL server, (outside of APM) you would definitely want to monitor disk space for the log & DB drives. Are you only monitoring servers? Have you added in your network devices, particularly your edge devices?

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Level 7

Hi Gareth,

We have about 140 server, then we also monitor switches, UPS, routers, firewalls and a few other devices.

There's no plan at the moment to buy APM (I want to but no money!).

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Level 12

That looks good.

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Level 9

Since you only have 500 licenses, that is probably a good place to start. You may consider future monitoring of Virtual and Physical memory, especially if you add APM down the road.

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