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Reset Dashboards/Views to Default

Hey all, hope this is the right place for this type of question.

Recently inherited my company's SolarWinds instance and needing a bit of help ironing some things out. When they originally purchased a few years back, the previous sysadmin had used the platform for themselves mostly. The issue at hand myself and the rest of our growing monitoring team are having is that we're not really sure what has been customized and what is still "default." We really like the abilities the various modules in the Orion platform provide (we actively use SAM, NPM, NTA, and NCM), however I've gotten the feeling that some views have been customized and/or the default dashboards have been modified (and some upgrades happened between now and 2014 or 2015 too)... really hard to explain on a forum 🙃 - just thinking certain dashboards aren't "what they should be."

Wondering if there's a good way to get things back to a "fresh" state that way we know what we're working with. I've read some other posts regarding just re-running the configuration wizard and/or rebuilding the Orion website. If it's possible I'd like to not break what we use to monitor if other things are broke 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you! I read up on a lot of similar threads and ended up re-running the configuration wizard. Seems like the answer. Plus the menu bar for SAM had disappeared in a previous upgrade and it is now back as well 🙂

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There's no easy way to set the views back, it's probably more practical to spin up a demo server, check out what they have there and if you see something you are missing go back to your prod system and add the widget in.

I'll also say that I personally pretty much throw out 90% of the OOTB content from my environments so you probably shouldn't have too much fear of missing out. I usually recommend that if someone wants to see what is available just add basically everything to a view and see what you like. Out of the hundreds of widgets a good chunk are just legacy stuff from reality old versions that you wouldn't want to bother with anyway.
- Marc Netterfield, Github

That's good to know - appreciate it!

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