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Reports out of new Wireless functions in Orion v9.5

The wireless functionality is really nice!  We have 4 WISM blades and all are feeding some really nice data to our Solarwinds Orion server now.

One report I'm trying to figure out how to make is to filter by SSID.  There is a canned report that is titled "Average and Peak Number of Clients by Access Point - Last 7 Days".  It would be helpful to drill down an additional layer and find out to which SSIDs the clients are connecting to.  For example, we have a guest wireless and would like to report on the number of connections to that VLAN/SSID/Subnet.  When in the Wireless Summary View there is a column for SSID for each active client, so I'm hoping there is a way to report that information.

All in all, this is a huge improvement from the old wireless module add on!!!!

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I have a similar question, I would like to know if it is possible get stats relating to Bytes transferred per SSID per XXX time period.  Also to see how many connections had been made to each SSID per XXX time period.

Anyone have any ideas?


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You may be able to create this with custom SQL, you can look at this thread for another wireless custom report to start from, see here

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