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Reporting on Total Bytes TX&RX

I have been trying to create a report that will provide me details of all interfaces that have not had any traffic passed through them over a specified period of time.

I have created a report that can show me the total Bytes TX&RX showing the values, however, when I filter the result to only show entries that are equal to 0 I get incorrect results. I have interfaces showing 0 Bytes, however on the report prior to filtering the interface would have a value greater than 0.

I suspect the filtering process is being run against the historical data rather than the SUM of all the fields which makes up the total column and that these entries are perhaps picking up a period of inactivity for these interfaces.

Has anyone else had this issue and know if there is a workaround or perhaps its a bug that has been fixed in a later version?



NPM 11.5.2

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