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Level 12

Report sections and sub-title


We are using the report for many purpose and we like to improve the global layout.

We can already use different layout and add section. That is nice... however how can we easily add a title to a section and best of all how to have a clear summary page ?

How are you using the report and for what purpose ? technical team only, management team, customer ?

How do you improve the report look and feel ?





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Level 13

Many things on the report page is not configurable, but if it's a scheduled report you are after there is another way....

You can create a view that has the reportcontent you like. use the Custom table widget and custom html to create headers. In the report scheduler send a view instead of a report, send the view in printable mode so you don't get the menus and so.

Thank you! Definitely scheduling a web page rather a report enhance the « report » feature. 🙂
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