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Report on all enabled parameters of the device being monitored

I think, it has been a request to all who manage Solarwinds Monitoring. Each tower would like to know the parameters enabled for monitoring of their devices/servers. I don't think we can get them in a single report.

When it comes to all parameters enabled for monitoring, shold include the List of Resources enabled (only) and components enabled via Application Templates and any otherway enabled for monitoring along with their threshold values (if exists).

Need a report for device, what are all the parameters Solarwinds can monitor and all the monitoring parameters enabled and not enabled. Need help, to provide the report, because, it is a daily request from different teams now-a-days.

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I think this report is probably the closest to what you are asking for, It has a nice vertical layout showing each node, and the interfaces/volumes/apps on it and some metrics about the child objects.

It could be expanded to cover all your requests but so far I haven't been motivated enough to put the time in on it.  I've wanted to rework it to make it include all the enabled pollers, undps and anything else that might be a child property of each node, but time is a valuable resource.


          n.caption as Node,

          '/netperfmon/images/vendors/' + n.VendorIcon as [_IconFor_Node],

        n.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Node],

        n.ipaddress as IP_Address,

          n.ObjectSubType as Polling_Method,

          n.StatusDescription as Status,

         '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + n.StatusLED AS [_IconFor_Status],

        '' as [ ],     n.nodeid as [_linkfor_ ] FROM orion.nodes n     



     (' - '+ I.Caption) as Interface,

     '/netperfmon/images/interfaces/' + i.InterfaceIcon AS [_IconFor_Interface],

     i.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Interface],

     CASE WHEN i.IPAddress.IPAddress is not null then i.IPAddress.IPAddress

     ELSE ip.IPAddress     END AS IP_Address,

       NULL as Polling_Method,

      concat(tostring(InPercentUtil),'% RX Utilization, ',tostring(OutPercentUtil),'% TX Utilization') as Status,

       '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + i.Statusicon AS [_IconFor_Status],

       '' as [ ],

     i.nodeid as [_linkfor_ ]

     FROM Orion.NPM.Interfaces I

     left join orion.NodeIPAddresses ip on ip.NodeID=i.NodeID and ip.IPAddressType='IPv4' and ip.interfaceindex is null )       



          (' -  '+V.Caption) as Volume,

         '/NetPerfMon/images/Volumes/' + V.VolumeTypeIcon AS [_IconFor_Volume],

        v.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Volume],     NULL as IP_Address,

          NULL as Polling_Method,

          concat(round(v.VolumePercentUsed,0),'% of ',round(v.volumespaceavailable/1073741824,0),' GB total') as Status,

        '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + v.StatusLED AS [_IconFor_Status],      '' as [ ],

     v.nodeid as [_linkfor_ ]

     FROM Orion.Volumes V     )



          (' -   '+A.Name) as Application,

         '/orion/apm/images/statusicons/Small-App-Blank.gif' AS [_IconFor_Application],

        a.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Volume],     NULL as IP_Address,          NULL as Polling_Method,

          a.StatusDescription as Status,        '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + a.StatusDescription + '.gif' AS [_IconFor_Status],

      '' as [ ],     a.nodeid as [_linkfor_ ]

     FROM Orion.APM.Application a     )          

ORDER BY [_linkfor_ ], node desc

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Hi mesverrum​,

Thank you providing the query. We just tried the query and found some errors.

We don't have table name as orion.nodes. Also, could not find the detailsurl field from the nodes table.

Curious to know, if this is an old query based on earlier versions. We are in NPM 12.2 version.

Also, the ipaddress is as IP_Address from nodes table.

Would you please help me out. Thank you.

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This query is written in SWQL, not SQL, I should have specified that.

You should be using it inside a custom query resource in the web console.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Thank you for the quick reply. If I use it in Report generation, under SWQL, still it would work, for the fields like detailsurl, ipaddress, etc.? Let me try out.

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the _linkfor_ and _iconfor_ syntax only works in the custom query resource, and this particular report tweaks those to use as hidden columns to organize the layout better.  You can just add a custom query resource to your report though, they don't only have to use the custom table and custom charts resources

- Marc Netterfield, Github