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Level 12

Report on Last Time 'List resources' was Run against a Node

Guys, looking to create a daily report and/or dashboard showing the last time 'List Resources' was run on a network device. I have been doing an audit and found many network devices not being monitored for routing tables etc. Often when I run 'List Resources' against them I see something like this:


Is there a canned option for this or if not, might anyone know the SQL for it? SDK is also an option for me.

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Level 12

This looks like a start:

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[nodes]
RIGHT JOIN [dbo].[NodeListResourcesCache] 
ON [dbo].[NodeListResourcesCache].NodeID = [dbo].[nodes].NodeID
ORDER BY CachedTime
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Level 12

Anyone any ideas on this one?

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Level 12

Yeah, OI agree this should be a thing. I have so many devices and we want to keep things current.

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